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Obtaining visas can be not only stressful but time-consuming too. It is for this reason why we offer SME businesses and individuals a range of visa and immigration services. Our services are listed in greater depth below.

If you have lived in Thailand for any length of time you perhaps already be aware of the many complications and pitfalls that can be caused by the company being incorrectly setup. However, thanks to our expertise you will discover that setting up a company has never been easier. There have been plenty of rule changes in recent years and this includes a series of new incentives that are offered by the Thai government.

These incentives include tax-breaks, easier access to work permits and other options that now open new horizons. All business structures must follow the Foreign Business Act but there are several different business types that can be used by foreigners such as a sole proprietorship, an ordinary or limited partnership, a representative, regional or a branch office, a joint venture, a limited company or even a foreign company. Below we look at the options that are available.

Non Immigrant Visa

Regardless of which visa would be best suited to your personal needs, our friendly, efficient and professional team members will be able to guide you through the process, removing much of the stress. We try to keep our prices as competitive as possible but never compromise on the quality of our service. We will always be transparent and try to explain what is happening at every stage of the process as we know that this can be the cause of much of this stress.

One Year Extension

As the name suggests, this visa is an extension of the original One-Year Multiple Entry Non-Immigrant B Visa. For this visa to be granted, the individual must be in possession of a valid work permit and will be issued by the Immigration Department in Thailand. The major advantage of this type of visa is that it removes the need to leave Thailand every 90 days although there becomes a requirement to report to the Immigration Department every 90 days instead - although this doesn’t necessarily need to be in person.

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The basic requirements for the One-Year Visa Extension are:

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The possession of a valid work permit

  • To meet the minimum salary requirements – for most Westerners this is either THB50,000 or THB60,000 per month. Our team can advise you more about this.
  • Registered Capital of THB2 million per employee must be shown in the Company Balance Sheet
  • The company should employ four Thai Nationals per Foreign National / Work Permit
  • The company paperwork must be up-to-date, including the filing of the Annual Financial Statement which MUST be audited
  • There will also be a requirement to provide a series of other documents. The details of this frequently change but will obviously include the application form, copies of the applicant’s passport and work permit along with photographs.

  • These streamlined methods, many of which involve how companies are setup and the time taken to do so has meant that foreign investors feel more comfortable. It is possible for Thai company to be majority owned by a foreign national, but that foreigner must obtain a Foreign Business License. The process can still be quite complex and Thai majority owned companies have no restrictions imposed on them. As a result, most foreigners go into business with a Thai business partner to ensure that they qualify as a “Thai Company” for legal purposes.

    Other Non-Immigrant Visas

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    Investment Visa

    Of course, for some people, the Non-Immigrant B Visa is not the ideal solution. The Investment Visa is designed for those foreign individuals who have invested at least THB10 million in Thailand. The visa has recently been reintroduced to encourage increased investment from overseas having originally been available between 1997 and 2006.

    Arguably, the Investment Visa is one of the easiest to obtain with the prices of condominiums and the fact that the funds are not required to be in a single investment such as property or a business. This is a visa that often appeals to those who have invested larger sums through the BOI and indeed this is perhaps conceivably its real purpose.

    At B-Corp we can help you to apply for an Investment Visa and discuss the Proof of Investment documentation that you would need to provide. Like other visas, this is subject to frequent change so it is preferable to talk to our team

    Permanent Residency

    Permanent Residency is designed for those who have no intention of moving back to their home country. The visa is however very difficult to obtain and has become increasingly harder in recent years. The number of visas permitted each year is restricted to a certain number per country. Moreover, there are also further strict requirements such as to have held three consecutive one-year-visa extensions with the same company and proving that the individuals extended stay in Thailand is beneficial to the country.

    There are many advantages to the Permanent Residency in terms of business such as being able to be director of a Thai Public Company, along with the ability to apply for extended stays for Non-Thai family members. The need to transfer funds from abroad to purchase a condominium is also removed.

    The visa can only be applied for during the months October, November and December and the overall consideration process for the visa can take anything from six months to one year. Our team of consultants has an outstanding knowledge of the application process and what is required. We suggest that you come to discuss this with us in person and allow plenty of time for documents to be prepared.

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